Calgary is quickly developing into a town that will soon be landing on the fashion road map. This is evident by the talents brought out at the first YYC Fashion Week this past week.

On opening night the fashion festivities began with collections hitting the runway from six different designers. Setting them apart from other Canadian fashion weeks, YYC added in some performance art to keep the audience captivated and remind us that every type of art works beautifully together.

The six designers showed off their newest collections to an eager audience but there were two designers in particular who stole the show. Three very different designers took their designs to the stage to wow the YYC fashion audience. Apiana Que showed how to perfectly combine art and fashion. A.M.K. showed off her talents in jewelry design, and NRT Fashions wowed the crowd with her edgy trends.

Apiana Que designed by Ashley Quan showed off her hand painted fabrics, which added an arty element to the designs. The designs themselves were the perfect combination of feminine with masculine touches. But the city skyline prints on the pieces are what made the line stand out for me. The cream blazer with a back print of the skyline was a piece that could take any outfit from average to stunning. Ashley truly showed off how to turn fashion into art.


A.M.K by Alex Krewiak was presented incredibly and became for me a standout of the night. From the first moment of her show the audience was hit with piece after piece of amazing jewelry, unlike what you see in your average department store jewelry section. The pieces were not only on trend, but also showcased in a way that kept your eyes where they were supposed to be. The models wore all white and each was styled in pieces that captivated your attention. The necklaces, bracelets, and earrings each had a story behind them that make each piece a special addition to any collection. The piece that was talked about throughout the event was the tree trunk cuff bracelet; the piece covered most of the models forearm with details that could add amazement to any outfit.


The show then took a brief intermission only to welcome audiences back with more performance art that set the tone and excitement for the second half. This excitement was continued when NRTs drop dead backdrop hit the runway.

N.R.T Fashions designed by Nicole Rita Tomney, were edgy, and runway worthy. The leather detailing and uniqueness caught the attention of the audience and kept them mesmerized from start to finish. The standout piece from this collection for me was the striped wrap sweater with leather detailing. The piece had perfect draping, and was unlike anything on store racks for the fall. Nicole did a fantastic job with her line direction and showing at YYC Fashion Week, definitely proving that she is going to be a standout local designer for years to come.


Unmarked Images & Words by Kari Pedersen || Marked Images Courtesy Of  YYC Fashion Week. 


Thanks to the likes of such designers as Alexander McQueen and Viktor & Rolf, the city of Calgary is entertained once again by it’s very own Nicole Rita Tomney, owner and designer of N.R.T. Fashions. This collection embraced the loss of sanity, with pieces reminiscent of straight jackets, asylum nurse silhouette and the kinds of images that flicker in the broken lights of an abandoned hospital from an old horror film.

Tying in designs that signify the talented N.R.T. designer we also see lots of draping and layers of plaid, a canvas like material and leather.  And in keeping with her belief that the fashion speaks for itself, models were adorned with props and masks (some gas).

The location of this coming season’s collection only enhanced the inspired asylum feeling of the show, with its dark, open, cool atmosphere and cracked cement floors.  Models, both men and women alike, came staggering down the runway to the dark and heavy sounds of Chron Goblin “Suicidal Sewer Bomber.”

 A short but sweet show, this thought provoking designer’s newest collection really spoke to the beauty found in insanity.

Sarah Little || Image courtesy of N.R.T Fashions


Nicole Rita Tomney, designer of NRT Fashions, has earned a reputation at fashion weeks across the country that can be described as a very talented young designer to watch, with her innovative masterpieces and thrilling runway shows. On the evening of February 3rd, Tomney will be delivering NRT Fashions‘ Fall/Winter 2012 collection, titled DROP DEAD, at Sociale Bar and Grill.

Another collection from NRT Fashions isn’t the only thing to look forward to. This event coincides with the official launch of the NRT Fashions website and online store, which will have available all of the designer’s past collections alongside its present season. This means any piece from NRT Fashions you’ve ever fallen in love with can now be yours.

Tickets and table reservations for this event are available at 403-826-6454, or online at nrt.zoobis.com.

Courtney Kos (Blog Editor) 


Photographer Kyle Goldie shooting model Veronica (Model Management) on location in Vancouver, B.C. for the Fabricated magazine & event poster photoshoot. 

Fabricated s/s 2012 gave Calgary’s fashion addicts a fabulous sneak peek into the trends for spring/summer 2012.

Mealan kicked off the show with trendy looks for everyday wear. Most of the outfits generated a fall/winter vibe, matching the current trends for this season. Furs made an appearance as a shawl paired with a flowy, patterned tunic dress and as a hat paired with a gold sequin shift dress. Accents of bright bold colours pulled eyes up, focusing the attention on patterned and solid coloured tops. One exception were the bright blue gloves: an accessory I would love to sport for this season.

Mealan s/s 2012

Ga.za.ba milano and Empire Collection fell into the same line as Mealan, showcasing outfits that flowed more with the trends of this fall season.  Their runway shows presented ready-to-wear outfits that featured neutral and dark colours and looser, less tailored fits.

ga.za.ba milano s/s 2012

Empire Collection s/s 2012

The second half of Fabricated kicked off with Chantel Traub: finally, someone who brought  a collection that screamed spring/summer 2012! Traub painted the runway with pastel colours of blues, pinks, and greens. Her show stopper resembled a tangled mess of scarves (the final result when you don’t use a laundry bag for washing a pile of scarves!). Although it was artistic, the asymmetrical bulges on the slim fit top created an unflattering silhouette.

Chantel Traub s/s 2012

My favourite collection of the night was from Chichi Couture, who lived up to their name by showcasing stunning, jaw dropping designs. Creative director of Bano & eeMee, Aleem Arif, turned to me and asked if I thought real diamonds were used for the accessories. The embellished outfits did light up the runway like no other that night, proving accessorizing can vamp up any outfit.

Chichi Couture s/s 2012

The last collection belonged to N.R.T. Fashions and her collection definitely screamed out designer Nicole Rita Tomney’s dream to dress Lady Gaga. Her models outshone every other model in that show with strong walks and theatrical displays of the outfits. Once again, Tomney won the crowd over with avant-garde designs that were truly inspirational.

N.R.T. Fashions s/s 2012

Would I consider this year’s Fabricated fashion-forward? Unfortunately, no. I did, however, enjoy the fashions of each collection that evening and plan on adding a few to my wardrobe for this season.

Words by Elle Nguyen 

Main photo courtesy of Fabricated

All other photos by Vincent Law  via Flickr and Binzento Vincente 


Jill Belland, one of the hosts of the second night of Alberta Fashion Week and the On Location host of Citytv, describes Nicole Rita Tomney of NRT Fashions as a “very young talent with a very bright future”. Tomney was dressed to impress in one of her own designs – a catchy one piece with a black stretch top and black and white thin striped bottom, cinched at the waist.

Tomney breathes life into her paper designs by producing fashion masterpieces for the runway. In this collection named Pure in Plastic, Tomney played around with draping, clean edges and rough cut-outs. Also, the absence of color and the edgy designs of her fashion line were a bit reminiscent of work by Alexander Wang.

This year, NRT Fashions featured apparel for both women and men, proving Tomney’s versatility and advanced skills in developing fashions for both men and women. The mood of the runway focused on the punk trend of this summer. The women’s wear was strikingly seductive, accentuating the curves and length of the female body, while the menswear highlighted the best features of the male models.

Stripes were definitely the theme for NRT’s runway. The winning piece was the first dress to kick of the runway – a slim fit, thin striped dress with shoulder cut-outs and an extended, rigid hoop neck. The harem (parachute) pants also made a definite comeback, sported by both women and men of the runway. Tomney also featured pieces made with heavy wools and leathers decorated with silver pieces – zippers, chains and studs to create a moody, tough biker style.

NRT Fashions 2011 collection was definitely couture with some pieces that could double as ready-to-wear attire. Her great attention to detail and passion for designing definitely marks her line as the brand to watch for.

Words by Elle Nguyen

Photography by Eymeric Widling