The long anticipated wait is over! August 29 marks the grand opening for the Eveline Charles Academy‘s first day of classes. All the best resources are at the finger tips of students and are evident in the 500, to date, who have graduated from the program.

Full-time hair design and esthetic students begin their journey learning the fundamentals: understanding theory. Teaching the physical skills later on become a priority. Eveline Charles is the only academy across Canada associated with the Sassoon Academy School Connection – world renowned for top salon educators.

Another element which sets the Academy’s education apart is the teaching of business development as part of Nuts and Bolts Business Training Program. During this segment, students learn how to capitalize on the technical skills to build their business fast and make money immediately. Students also earn credits towards the Business Management Program at NAIT allowing for the opportunity to continue education at the institution. Having this knowledge and placing to action allows for one to understand the entire picture for success.

In contrast to most post-secondary programs, it is of importance to the Academy to facilitate a work/life balance. Attendees are in the classroom three days a week for 10 hours at a time which ties in with the Eveline Charles Academy valuing a relation with the community. Students are encouraged to take their skills outside the classroom and get exposure in the local scene at fashion shows, theatrical productions, along with fundraisers helping to build awareness of Calgary’s talent.

One last perk is the ITEC Certification which allows a graduate to be a certified hair stylist in 38 countries. Finding work internationally becomes a simple task, opening many doors. It is clear the Eveline Charles Academy is in place to equip for beauty career success.

Words by Daniela Codreanu

Thumbnails courtesy of  EC Academy


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