Conscious fashion has been making a name for itself over the years but seems to be up and coming in a big way recently thanks to designers like Sarah Morgan and her label eenamaria.

The mantra behind the brand is confidence and that is exactly what Morgan displays with this line of handbags.

Her collection is a symbiotic mix of 60s mod and Mondrian’s ‘Composition’ art; strong lines and prominent structure are the cornerstone of the collection.

Each bag construction is eye-catching in its own right but with cherry red, emerald green and sunshine yellow contrasted with heavy black lines, it is easy to understand why this designer has made a name for herself.

You know that saying, “she lights up a room” ? Well the eenmaria bag is what gets all the attention.

The bags go on sale June 2 in Canada on the shopping website Beyond the Rack.

If you don’t have a membership, get one, it’s free.

The online store features a handful of designers every few days and offers massive savings on certain items.

Emails are sent out to members letting them know what designers will be highlighted. But don’t sleep on it! The deals typically last two days and the merchandise for sale is limited.

Words by Vanessa Conley

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